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Produkte zum Begriff Kartoniert:

Ethnic Fashion  Kartoniert (TB)
Ethnic Fashion Kartoniert (TB)

This is the first book to introduce readers to the crux of ethnic fashion. Covering all aspects it addresses the significance of sustainability (including culture) and ethnic fashion in the apparel industry. It also highlights concepts and case studies pertaining to ethnic fashion.

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Informal Ethnic Entrepreneurship  Kartoniert (TB)
Informal Ethnic Entrepreneurship Kartoniert (TB)

This book presents a curated collection of research on ethnic entrepreneurship focusing on the informal sector. The common theme of the expert contributions is that entrepreneurial motivation to start informal business is paramount to ethnic groups. In particular the book explores the factors influencing ethnic groups to start informal businesses and how this creates innovative business activity. It also charts the evolution of ethnic entrepreneurship and informal businesses in advanced and emerging economies; the diversity of entrepreneurial strategies; the economics of co-ethnic employment; and the issues surrounding immigrant entrepreneurship. The book is a valuable resource for researchers in the field of informal ethnic entrepreneurship as well as for policy makers and entrepreneurs.

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Fundamentals Of Ethnic Hair  Kartoniert (TB)
Fundamentals Of Ethnic Hair Kartoniert (TB)

Written to address the growing trend of hair loss in ethnic populations The Fundamentals of Ethnic Hair: A Dermatologist's Perspective elucidates the science of curly hair demystifies prevailing hair styling trends and presents practical advice for minimizing the harmful effects of these hair styling practices. Written from a dermatologist's perspective this textbook seamlessly blends science and practical management. Chapters include physical and chemical properties of the hair thermal and chemical straightening extensions razor bumps and special cultural considerations.

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Handbook Of Ethnic Conflict  Kartoniert (TB)
Handbook Of Ethnic Conflict Kartoniert (TB)

With perspectives from international authors this handbook covers an extensive selection of ethnopolitical conflicts-fighting marked by locality longevity and often ferocity. The book analyzes the cultural religious and psychological causal factors.

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Was bedeutet kartoniert bei einem Buch?

"Was bedeutet kartoniert bei einem Buch?" Kartoniert bedeutet, dass das Buch einen festen Einband aus Karton hat, der mit einem Pa...

"Was bedeutet kartoniert bei einem Buch?" Kartoniert bedeutet, dass das Buch einen festen Einband aus Karton hat, der mit einem Papier- oder Kunststoffüberzug versehen ist. Im Gegensatz zu einem Hardcover-Buch ist ein kartoniertes Buch in der Regel leichter und flexibler. Diese Art von Einband wird häufig bei Taschenbüchern verwendet, da sie kostengünstiger herzustellen ist. Trotzdem bietet ein kartoniertes Buch eine gute Stabilität und Schutz für die Seiten.

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Schlagwörter: Einband Paperback Buchdeckel Flexcover Taschenbuch Broschur Softcover Einbandart Buchhülle Umschlag

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen kartoniert und fester Einband?

Der Unterschied zwischen kartoniert und fester Einband liegt in der Art und Stärke des Materials, das für den Einband eines Buches...

Der Unterschied zwischen kartoniert und fester Einband liegt in der Art und Stärke des Materials, das für den Einband eines Buches verwendet wird. Bei einem kartonierten Buch wird ein dünnerer Karton für den Einband verwendet, der flexibler ist und sich leichter biegen lässt. Ein Buch mit festem Einband hingegen hat einen Einband aus einem dickeren und stabileren Material, wie beispielsweise Leinen oder Kunstleder, das dem Buch mehr Stabilität und Langlebigkeit verleiht. Bücher mit festem Einband sind in der Regel hochwertiger und langlebiger als kartonierte Bücher.

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Schlagwörter: Fester Einband Leinenbindung Ledereinband Schmuckeinband Ganzleder Halbleder Klappentitel Deckel Schuber

Social Statistics And Ethnic Diversity  Kartoniert (TB)
Social Statistics And Ethnic Diversity Kartoniert (TB)

This open access book examines the question of collecting and disseminating data on ethnicity and race in order to describe characteristics of ethnic and racial groups identify factors of social and economic integration and implement policies to redress discrimination. It offers a global perspective on the issue by looking at race and ethnicity in a wide variety of historical country-specific contexts including Asia Latin America Europe Oceania and North America. In addition the book also includes analysis on the indigenous populations of the Americas. The book first offers comparative accounts of ethnic statistics. It compares and empirically tests two perspectives for understanding national ethnic enumeration practices in a global context based on national census questionnaires and population registration forms for over 200 countries between 1990 to 2006. Next the book explores enumeration and identity politics with chapters that cover the debate on ethnic andracial statistics in France ethnic and linguistic categories in Québec Brazilian ethnoracial classification and affirmative action policies and the Hispanic/Latino identity and the United States census. The third and final part of the book examines measurement issues and competing claims. It explores such issues as the complexity of measuring diversity using Malaysia as an example social inequalities and indigenous populations in Mexico and the demographic explosion of aboriginal populations in Canada from 1986 to 2006. Overall the book sheds light on four main questions: should ethnic groups be counted how should they be counted who is and who is not counted and what are the political and economic incentives for counting. It will be of interest to all students of race ethnicity identity and immigration. In addition researchers as well as policymakers will find useful discussions and insights for a better understanding of the complexity of categorization and related political and policy challenges.

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Indian Ethnic Rhinoplasty - Virendra Ghaisas  Kartoniert (TB)
Indian Ethnic Rhinoplasty - Virendra Ghaisas Kartoniert (TB)

Each racial and ethnic population has their own nasal characteristics which need to be considered when planning rhinoplasty surgery. This book is probably the first of its kind in the Indian context highlighting the goal of maintaining ethnic identity congruent with the patient's facial features and establishing Indian standards for gauging the success of the surgery. This is important as most of the rhinoplasty books have addressed these issues of the Caucasian or southeast Asian population and Caucasian normative standards of facial analysis. This book provides a broader understanding of ethnically specific features. It highlights the regional variations within India and their implications for rhinoplasty Surgery thereby filling the void of lack of knowledge of the intricacies of surgery on Indian noses. It deals with important topics such as preoperative evaluations determining factors such as thickness and texture of skin along with the various complications that may be encountered. It simplifies and facilitates learning with numerous pre-operative intra-operative and postoperative photographs. This book provides a systematic approach to Rhinoplasty surgery in Indian patients with an emphasis on addressing the functional aspects along with the cosmetic aspects. This book is a must-have for trainees in rhinoplasty and plastic surgery courses along with facial plastic surgeons maxillofacial surgeons and aesthetic surgeons operating on the Indian population across the globe.

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Ethnic Religious Minorities In Iran  Kartoniert (TB)
Ethnic Religious Minorities In Iran Kartoniert (TB)

This book explores the experiences of the ethnic and religious minorities of Iran such as Jews Yarsani Christian Sabean Mandaean Bahai Zoroastrian Baluch Kurd and others and provides a historical overview of their position in society before and after the 1979 Islamic revolution and highlights their contribution to the country's history diversity and development. It also focuses on the historical sociopolitical and economic factors that affected the minorities' development during the last century. Author Behnaz Hosseini has shaped this book with authentic material and has assembled the experiences and opinions of academics of diverse backgrounds who approach the minorities' issues in Iran in a constructive and ingenious way: from debating their efforts to preserve their identity and cultural heritage and ensure their survival to discussing their relations with the majority and other minorities the role of religion in everyday life and their contribution to the rich cultural history of Iran.

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Swiss Ethnic Business - Battal Kalan  Kartoniert (TB)
Swiss Ethnic Business - Battal Kalan Kartoniert (TB)

Ethnisch geprägtes erfolgreiches Unternehmertum von Migranten ist kein neues Phänomen. So haben sich Juden in Europa Chinesen in Australien niedergelassen Italiener in der Schweiz und Türken in Deutschland nur um einige Beispiele von Migration zu nennen die vorwiegend aus ökonomischen Gründen stattgefunden hat. Wagen Migranten in ihrer neuen Heimat eine Unternehmensgründung so begegnen sie diversen Barrieren und Besonderheiten. Diese sollen im vorliegenden Werk thematisiert werden indem die Situation albanischer türkischer und italienischer Unternehmensgründer in der Schweiz untersucht wird. Mit einer breit gefächerten Literaturrecherche (u.a. mit Werken aus Deutschland Österreich und der Schweiz) sowie einem eigens für die Thematik entwickelten Modell und einem qualitativ-quantitativen Forschungsansatz leistet die Arbeit einen wichtigen Beitrag für zukünftige Forschungen und sie zeigt Handlungsoptionen im Rahmen der Thematik auf.

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Flavor Chemistry Of Ethnic Foods  Kartoniert (TB)
Flavor Chemistry Of Ethnic Foods Kartoniert (TB)

Ethnic and international foods have gradually been integrated into the daily diet in North America. However the existing literature of flavor characteristics and chemistry of such foods remains fragmentary and diverse. This book presents a summary of the current status of knowledge in this area.

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Ethnic Rhinoplasty - Steven M. Hoefflin  Kartoniert (TB)
Ethnic Rhinoplasty - Steven M. Hoefflin Kartoniert (TB)

ETHNIC RHINOPLASTY presents guidelines operative techniques and postoperative management for rhinoplasty of the non-Caucasian nose. The volume begins with the basics of Black Hispanic and Asian nasal anatomy and encompasses preoperative nasal evaluation and surgical planning. The author demonstrates his renowned techniques including; those for nasal septum and turbinates nasal dorsum and bridge alar rim and nasal base reduction and the nasal tip with approximately 183 clinical and operative illustrations with 50 in full color. Additionally important protocols for revision rhinoplasty as well as for the management of risks and complications are provided. This book is a must for all practicing plastic surgeons wishing to add the latest in non-Caucasian nasal refinement techniques to

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Ethnic Entrepreneurs Unmasked - Political Institutions And Ethnic Conflicts In Contemporary Bulgaria - Petar Cholakov  Kartoniert (TB)
Ethnic Entrepreneurs Unmasked - Political Institutions And Ethnic Conflicts In Contemporary Bulgaria - Petar Cholakov Kartoniert (TB)

Based on an institutional approach to ethnic conflict Petar Cholakov highlights the idiosyncrasies of and the challenges to inter-ethnic relations in Bulgaria. He traces the emergence of the currently implemented Bulgarian ethnic model in its interconnection with the party system and especially examines the ideology political support and mobilization tools employed by the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) party as well as the populist radical right. Cholakov presents findings from case studies on Bulgaria's Roma crime and politics. He analyzes Bulgarian integration policies and assesses the role of Bulgaria's judiciary as well as contemporary antidiscrimination legislation in particular of the 2004 Protection against Discrimination Act. The monograph peruses decisions of among others the European Court of Human Rights and uncovers patterns of discrimination against Roma. By reverse engineering the Bulgarian ethnic model Cholakov reveals how the institutions operate and comes to the conclusion that inter-ethnic peace has been entrusted to a defective mechanism which institutionalizes ethnic cleavage and politicizes identity. On the basis of his in-depth analysis the author makes a prognosis for the future of ethnic relations in Bulgaria and provides recommendations for reforms.

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Crazy Coat Siurana Ethnic print ethnic (X031) S
Crazy Coat Siurana Ethnic print ethnic (X031) S

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